Chris Miller
Composer. Performer. Creator.

Some info about me

I'm a composer and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Greensboro, North Carolina. I write contemporary chamber music for the concert stage as well as songwriter material for the popular audience.

Within my chamber music, I aim to achieve direct goals such as idiomatic playability, motivic development, creating interesting texture, and creating open avenues for expression. Meanwhile, on a larger scale I am adamant about using his music to create a bridge between various topics within the domain of music and art as a whole, such as between classical and contemporary genres of music, acoustic and electronic instruments, music and visual art, music and imagery from literature, and too many other combinations to name. All of these goals contribute to the distinct sound of my music which is influenced by genres such as pop, hip-hop, and electronica. I often employ postminimal composition techniques, focusing on areas such as groove, texture, orchestration, and large-scale motivic development.

My music has been performed at the Society of Composer's Inc. (SCI) Region IV conference, the Composer's Exchange Series, and at the Charlotte New Music Festival. Additionally, I have had my music read by the Beo String Quartet, Red Clay Saxophone quartet, Out of Bounds ensemble, Michael Hall, and Todd Reynolds. In addition to being a composer, I am an avid performer who is excited about performing new music. I commonly perform his own works, performs works for other local composers, and I have performed with various large ensembles at University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG).

I have served as the president of UNCG's student chapter of SCI which has hosted a national convention, created a Composer's Exchange Program, co-sponsored a collaborative event with Christian Marclay, and organized a concert series that merges new music and green spaces. I have also served as one of the national SCI student council representatives, a team focused on making SCI even more beneficial and inclusive for it's student members.

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