Chris Miller
Composer. Performer. Creator.

how can I help?

I love to work with other brilliant creatives, and help them take care of the backgroud work so that they can focus on creating. Below, I've listed some of the services that I offer. ready to get started? Fill out this form.

music recording

I have experience recording in many different settings such as live shows in bars, orchestras in large halls, and chamber musicians in small rooms. Invite me to record your next show or to capture takes for your next release.

music mixing and production

I can transform your demo into a full production and I can prepare your recording for distribution on major streaming platforms. Let me bring your mix to the next level.

music composition and production coaching

I can help you make your compositions and productions sound their best. I provide coaching sessions locally, in Greensboro, or digitally for other locations.

website creation

I am a self-taught web developer; I specialize in creating websites for creatives. I can help you by creating a website that showcases your work and optimizes each opportunity you have to catch valuable contacts. Let me set up your plot on the internet.

business management

I can help you define your goals as an artist, develop the tools you need to get there, monitor your progress and adjust your plan along the way.

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